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                                                                      Apostle Jeremy C. Tuck is the Senior Pastor of Living Faith                                                                                 Tabernacle in Forest Park, Georgia, and pastors satellite                                                                                     churches in Columbus and Palmetto, Georgia, and four locations                                                                       in The Republic of Kenya, in East Africa.  He is a man of                                                                                       unbelievable faith and incredible strength. He is a man who                                                                               knows the word of God and has been preaching it with simplistic                                                                       truth from the depths of his soul!


                                                                      Pastor T, as he is affectionately known, is a talented singer,                                                                               songwriter, and musician who has traveled extensively                                                                                       throughout the United States. His travels have afforded him the                                                                         opportunity to share the word of God through many venues.


                                                                      Pastor T holds several degrees, which includes a BA in Biblical                                                                         Education and Philosophy, a BA in Business Administration, as                                                                           well as MBA in Business Administration. Through God’s grace                                                                            and his desire for continued education, he is currently pursuing his PhD in Organizational Leadership at Oral Roberts University. He is the face of Men’s Health for prostate cancer and was recently featured in the Better Times Christian Magazine which has been delivered to over 50,000 homes in Atlanta and surrounding areas. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Buddy House Children’s Sex Trafficking organization, and he is an active member of Habitat for Humanity, and the National Professional Businesses of America. He is the immediate past president of the Coweta County NAACP.


In 2016 Pastor T published and released his first book, “The Let Go Effect” and in 2018 released his second publication, “Leading the Millennial Church”. 


Pastor T loves spending time with his lovely wife Akila, and their sons, Jeremiah, Ayden, Austin, Jaxten, and Avery. Despite having a very busy and involved schedule, he understands that his steps must be ordered by God for there to be any success in his life. He has an unwavering passion for ministry and and strives to reach people where they are, while guiding them to their appointed destiny. His mission through Empowerment, Impact and Influence is to reach and encourage the lost and broken hearted, as they seek a place of Refuge.  His desire is to lead and guide the Body of Christ to its full potential.

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