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The Member Care ministry is a Bible-based, Christ-Centered, and Holy Spirit-led ministry that cares for the senior and sick and shut-in members. The purpose is to provide emotional and spiritual support, relief for the family, and care for our sick and shut-in members with compassion and love. Elders, ministers, and pastors will collaborate and utilize spiritual gifts in the church for exhortation and edification according to I Cor 12:4-7.


Also, we will provide support to members who are widowed, homebound, aged, sick, and terminally ill church members and families of the severely ill and church members during times of crisis. We desire to reach out to those who need prayer or other support from the church during this time. As a community, we desire to show the love of God through the power of the Spirit. 


When available, caregiver leaders can volunteer to visit the sick & shut-in member at home or in the hospital.  Provide pastoral care of prayer and comforting words. 


Team Leaders 

Elder Johnnie K. Smith

Elder Sabrina Norwood 

Please contact at


Care Givers Team

Pastor Sonia Adams  470 223 1774

Deborah Bethea

Fumukuemu, Mpanzu       


Biblical References

Isaiah 61:2  (Comfort those who mourn) Ez 34: 16  (Strengthen the sick)

Matt 5:14-16 (Light of the World)

Matt 22:37-40 (The Great commandment)

Gal 6:2  (Sympathy)

1 John  4:11 (Love) 

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